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This is me, and this is happiness. Where I go, happiness follows, because it’s a part of me. But yet there are times where I’m unhappy, but the happiness has not disappeared - it’s still right there, but I can’t access it because there are things blocking my way - frustration, anger, righteousness, judgement, hurt, hate, insecurities, doubt, jealousy.

So to be happy again, I just have to clear the way, to remove the obstacles in my path. But navigating around something blocking our way is always easier and faster than it is to stop everyday to try different ways to remove it.

So we accept that these things blocking our way as… normal, and even think that it’s meant to be there, like some permanent fixture in the natural order of things.

We wake up everyday, and learn to navigate around them instead of trying to remove them.

This is why even as we understand the concept and benefits of letting go, of removing negative emotions and beliefs that block our path to happiness, we still feel frustrated at the ‘how’. We feel that letting go of anger, frustration, hate, insecurities is easier said than done. But actually it’s easier desired than done.

We want a solution or formula on how to let go like how we desire a beautiful garden. But even if we have the perfect formula and put that into action to create the most wonderful garden, full of colour and free of weeds… it doesn’t stay that way for long. We still have to mow the lawn, water the plants, and do it regularly enough that the garden stays beautiful and doesn’t block our path to the beautiful lake beyond.

This is why so few people have a garden that’s beautiful all year round, because it’s hard, it requires commitment and constant work.

This is why there are not many people who can be happy, everyday and always. Because most of us want a solution, but the real solution lies is constant maintenance to remove anything that comes in to block the way.

Removing the emotions of anger, judgement, hate in our path means looking into ourselves constantly to see why we’re defensive, sensitive, inconsiderate, mean, cruel… and that’s not fun, just like mowing the lawn’s not fun.

The reward however, of always keeping the way clear is obvious - we have access to our happiness anytime and anywhere, and can be happy, always.

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