The Person With Over 100 Different Personalities - Famous Split Personality Cases

Split personalities is a rather complex psychological disorder that even doctors still struggle to understand. For well over a century, there have been well-documented cases of people diagnosed with split personalities, scientifically known as dissociative identity disorder and some cases have even inspired famous movies.

Thousands of years ago, people saw this condition and thought there was something supernatural going on, which might be why we have the belief of demonic or spiritual possession today. A lot of medical conditions back in ancient times were also often explained by religious beliefs. Today, we know more about the world around us and how it works, including the mind. Unfortunately, we can’t fully asses the biological makeup of a brain with split personalities while it's still active.

What is truly interesting about split personalities is that the person will often not remember certain events that may have occurred with the other personality was dominating. Court cases have remained unsolved, called a mistrial, or the defendant found “not guilty” by reason of multiple times because of split personalities. It just seems to be a thing that happens now. It might take a while for the person to recognize that they have a problem. This is a phenomenon that has inspired countless works of fiction, including the 2016 movie, “Split,” starring James McAvoy. The actor plays a character with 23 different personalities. If you think that’s excessive, there’s one case in the world of a woman who had over 90 different personalities! There’s a reason this topic continues to stay relevant, and it’s because we still have so much to learn. If we’ve grabbed your attention, then check out this video! We’re going to be going over several famous cases of split personalities that will make you question everything and everyone you know.

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P.S. The Person with two faces in the thumbnail is Edward Mordrake - The man with two faces which perfectly represents this topic :)

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