The Problem Is Not The Problem - Happiness Vlog

It's not the problem that's the problem... it's our reaction to the problem. Watch this! X

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People say that we can't run away from our problems. That must be true because we can't run away from ourselves.

Nobody can give us problems, just like how nobody can give us happiness. It’s like how people can create the most perfect environment for us, yet whether or not we're actually happy depends on our perspective and reaction.

Similarly, people can only create challenges for us, and whether or not it becomes a problem depends entirely on how we handle it.

So whenever we have problems in life, it's not the challenge itself that's the problem. Those are merely situations and circumstances. The problem is always our reaction. If we don't SEE challenges as problems, then there's no problem at all.

If you lose a leg in an accident and you don't see having one leg as a problem, then it's not a problem for you. It's a challenge that you've overcome.

The thing is, it's really hard for us to not pity ourselves, to not rage at the unfairness of life and to not blame people who have caused such difficulties for us.

It's so easy to get caught up in what's happening to us externally, that it's hard to see that the pain and suffering that we experience is something we're causing ourselves internally.

Stress, anger, expectations, resentment and suffering are all things that only we can cause ourselves.

This is one of the most important perspectives in life, because the moment we realise this, the moment we remember this in the time of great challenge, then it'll be much easier for us to calm down, to let go of all the negative emotions and to not let the situation turn into a problem.

See, no matter how difficult it is, every challenge in our life still needs to be dealt with. Whether or not we're dealing with it angrily or calmly, whether or not we're dealing with it with with stress or without stress, we still need to address it.

So every time a difficult situation comes your way, choose to not see it as a problem, so that you can address it in a way that allows you to have a peace of mind, to be happy, always.

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