The Quick and Easy Way to Rediscover Happiness

"What does it mean to be high on life? More than anything it's an attitude and lifestyle. Being high on life is a choice you make. It's accepting life as a beautiful gift, full of opportunity and depth. It's seeing the world as it was meant to be seen; in full colour and vivid detail. In abundance and diversity. It's living with an attitude of gratitude. Appreciating the good as well as the bad, knowing one cannot exist without the other.

It's being in a state of flow, in a current of inspiration. It's moving forward in life without being affected by what's going on around you. Choosing to see challenges as opportunities, not threats. Realizing that you are ultimately in control of your happiness. It's making relationships that move you to the depth of your being. You love with those who love. You have fun with those who have fun. You weep with those who weep.

You take the ride of life and find a way to feel deep joy wherever it takes you, going farther together than you ever could alone. It's making every day count knowing full well it could be gone tomorrow. Knowing that each day is brimming with a life of its own. Waking up with the understanding and anticipation that life can and will change again. Without the weight of yesterday affecting you today.

It's living without fear. Without the fear of being judged, without the fear of what could go wrong, without needing to know how everything is going to come together. Just free. Free to laugh and to love, free to play and explore, free to move forward no matter what the world throws at you. Surrendering to what is, and trusting in what's to come.

Most importantly, being high on life is a commitment. You make the choice to enjoy life and you do it no matter what happens. In the end, if you stay high on life, you win. You get for free what everyone struggles for. And if you're high on life, you'll attract those people and circumstances that fuel your fire. As you radiate positivity, the world brings you more of what you love."


Edit by Parker Heuser
Written by Parker Heuser & Regan Jacklin


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