The Real Reason Geostorm Flopped At The Box Office

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Geostorm failed to find sunny skies at the box office over its opening weekend, pulling in just $13.3 million domestic against a reported budget of over $120 million. The disaster thriller, starring Gerard Butler as a scientist tasked with fixing satellites protecting the world from the catastrophic effects of climate change, was the latest in a string of big-budget flops in 2017, knocked down by a rocky production and a chilly reception from critics. Still, there's a lot more to what went wrong with Geostorm than just the obvious. Here are the real reasons why Geostorm flopped at the box office…

Stormy skies | 0:39
Been there, done that | 1:53
Bad buzz | 2:28
Marketing mayhem | 3:30
Too soon | 4:23

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