The Real Reason Why The Mummy Flopped At The Box Office

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Universal plans to launch a monster movie universe on the back of Tom Cruise's The Mummy. The flick serves as a reboot of both the studio's classic scary movie franchise and the Brendan Fraser-starring trilogy. However, despite lofty expectations and the attachment of a huge star in Cruise, The Mummy wasn't able to scare up many viewers in its opening weekend, debuting to an underwhelming $31.5 million domestic gross. The disappointing start for the thriller likely won't completely unravel Universal's so-called "Dark Universe," but it definitely spells trouble. Here's why The Mummy was dead on arrival...

Critical curse | 0:43
Wrongheaded reboot | 1:38
Rehash fatigue | 2:35
Cart before horse | 3:14
Star power-outage | 4:05
Buzz need | 4:51
No wonder | 5:27
Salvaged overseas | 5:55

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