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Happiness is not just a feeling, happiness is a skill. Watch this! X

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Give me a fish and I’ll eat for a meal
Teach me to fish and I’ll eat for a lifetime

But that’s actually not true. Because when people teach us how to fish, we know all the ways of how a fish is caught, but what allows us to eat for a lifetime is being able to actually catch fish.

So when it comes to our happiness, we’re aware enough to know that we can’t depend on people to give us our happiness, just like how it’s not feasible to depend on people to catch fish for us all the time.

Yet knowing this doesn’t exactly mean that we CAN create our own happiness. We may feel inspired when we watch a video or read something and that can really lift us up and give us hope that we can make our life amazing. But where the change really happens, where the fish really gets caught, is in the doing.

This is why we can go to churches and temples, we can study with the greatest spiritual gurus and use all the right terms for growth happiness and yet still feel like we’re not completely fulfilled.

The truth is that studying is not the same as learning. Studying is theory. To actually learn something we have to get our hands dirty, to do the work.

And we have to go through the frustrations of what seems like ‘nothing is happening’ and still keep going. Because learning is a process - you can do it everyday, and you don’t even catch one fish. You want to give up but you don’t.

And what WILL DEFINITELY happen, is that one day, you’ll catch a fish. And then two. And soon you’ll find yourself catching them so easily that you’re even teaching the people around you how to fish.

That’s how change happens. That’s how we improve our own lives, and by just being a happier and more positive person, we influence and enrich the lives of those around us, especially the people we love.

We love saying, “Yeah, it’s easier said than done”, but don’t let that be your excuse, let that be your motivation to try even harder. There is nothing we cannot learn if we try hard enough. Happiness is not just a feeling, happiness a skill, and like any other skill, it serves us for a lifetime. So learn to catch your own fish, and be happy, always.

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