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No one is immune to pain, but maybe with courage we don't have to suffer. Watch this X

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Can we experience negativity and pain without suffering?

Someone I love passed away after two and a half months of battling cancer, and though all that she said that even though she was in pain, she wasn't suffering.

No one is immune to pain, no one is immune to difficulties or challenges, but what we all have in common is the ability to build the strength and the courage to experience negativity, to experience pain, without anger, resentment or suffering.

How we see happiness becomes so important when we're facing challenges. We know that we can choose to be happy, but sometimes happiness be confusing. How can we be happy when we’re ill, how can we be happy when we’re in pain?

If happiness is defined as something we feel, like pleasure and satisfaction, then it will be difficult, if not impossible to be happy when we're faced with challenges.

If happiness is a state of mind where we accept anything and everything in our reality.. then maybe happiness simply means peace, born out of the lack of resistance.

Contrary to what the word implies, acceptance isn't giving up or giving in, it simply means that we stop resisting so that we are able to move forward.

It is only through acceptance that we can remain calm, and strong. Ironically, we fight better with acceptance, because otherwise we're simply resisting, not fighting.

Fighting simply means taking the wisest course of action for our peace of mind; because that's the only thing worth fighting for - our peace of mind. No one is without fear or worry when we're faced with challenges, but courage is taking action in spite of fear.

It's always easier said than done to take the action to be happy when life is difficult, but it begins with how we define happiness and our state of mind. No matter what happens, here's to hoping we can learn to be at peace, and thus, be happy, always.


Happiness Vlog, Xandria Ooi
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