The Strongest Animals You Don't Want To MESS With

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top 10 biggest and largest creatures that are stronger than people
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Compared to us humans, we know that most animals have us beat in terms in terms of strength. But in this video we’re going to show you ten of the strongest animals out there. For these creatures, their bark may be bad, but trust us, their bite is far worse. In fact, scientists believe that the saltwater crocodile has a bite that may have rivaled that of the infamous T-Rex! And if you’ve ever wondered where the phrase “strong as an ox” came from, well, people really weren’t exaggerating this simple creature’s strength. If you’ve ever wondered what that strange hump is on the back of a grizzly bear, you should know that’s just a mass of muscle, giving them the ability to strike out with incredible amounts of force. These bears have even been known to chomp on cast iron skillets! In terms of big cats, we’ll show you two of the most beautiful cats: tigers and jaguars, who in addition to their strength also aren’t afraid of water. Fearless! If you’ll look to the sky, you’ll see the massive crowned eagle that is so strong it can lift its prey right up into the air with it-and it takes down some seriously large creatures. Gorillas may be humanoid in appearance, but compared to them we are much weaker. Because they walk on all fours most of the time, they have arm strength that we can only dream of.

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