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Do you feel you never have enough time? Here's how to change that. X

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Time flies, and we wonder, where has the time gone? 

Instead of wondering what we've done so far, perhaps we can look at what we've experienced so far - have we been present enough to take in the days and weeks, as opposed to being so focused on work datelines that we don't quite notice the time passing?

It's interesting when you think about it - how much of our time is spent on worry, on stress and simply on finishing a task to get onto the next one? We can't possibly be alive for this very reason, can we? To go about our days being truly happy only once in awhile... not that we're unhappy, but it's just that we can get so caught up in whatever it is that consumes our mind that we kind of forget to soak in the moments and pure joy of being alive.

It can be hard to be aware and grateful when we're caught up in the momentum of life, in the pursuit of goals. Sometimes, we can fall into a place where we only see the imperfections of life, of all the pain and all the discontentment, especially when we experience heartbreak, or when we don't like the work we do.

When we look at the big picture, it's not about whether our work or love life is fulfilling, it's whether we are living a fulfilling life. And everyone has a different definition of what fulfilment means.

Gratitude seems to be an universal answer to happiness, because when you’re aware of what you’re grateful for, it can be hard to feel miserable even when you’re doing something you don't like. And the same goes for relationships - when we're grateful for our life, it's hard to remain miserable for long even when there's pain and heartache. 

So for the rest of this year, here's to hoping that we're all able to live our days with less or no complaints, and to be present enough to take in all the joys of our days, no matter how small. Be happy, always. 

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