The Untold Truth Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi somehow managed to keep pre-release details shrouded in secrecy - and that caused fans to dream up their own unusual theories and speculations before even buying a ticket. Considering that at two and a half hours, The Last Jedi is the longest franchise entry to-date, there's a lot to look forward to that no amount of teasers could possibly spoil. But some of the behind-the-scenes details surrounding the movie were guarded a little less under carefully. From Easter egg reveals to production conflicts as well as even one or two plot-related scoops that came through a little earlier than expected, here's what you might not know about Episode 8…

One last stand | 0:37
Actor objections | 1:40
Unique influences | 2:27
Royal cameo | 3:19
Scar switcheroo | 4:08
Code name | 4:34

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