The Untold Truth Of The Lost Boys

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Believe it or not, The Lost Boys was originally supposed to be a more wholesome, Peter Pan-inspired vampire movie. But following the success of St. Elmo's Fire, director Joel Schumacher turned the project into a sexy, gory, and politically subversive teenage classic that changed the way vampires would be portrayed in Hollywood for decades to come. While it still holds up as one of the better vampire films ever made, there's probably a lot you don't know about this cult classic. So grab your leather jacket, hold onto the rails, and check out the untold truth of The Lost Boys...

Santa Carla | 0:30
Goonies gone vampire | 1:50
Edgar Rambo | 2:51
Challenging conventions | 3:47
All about Michael | 5:27
A Tale of Two Coreys | 5:58
Ben Stiller, Lost Boy? | 6:43
Stolen fiancée | 7:31
Buffy the vampire stealer | 8:47
Skip the sequels | 9:37

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