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The worst time to talk to someone is when we’re full of frustrated emotions.

When we’re upset at our someone, we can feel the urge to tell them what’s wrong there and then.

When we read an upsetting email, we can feel the urge to reply immediately, to tell the person how ridiculous they are.

When we’re upset at our colleagues, our employees, we can feel the urge to march right up to their door, knock loudly on it it and tell them exactly what they should be or shouldn’t be doing.

When we’re upset at our partner… it’s very hard to hold back the urge of telling them the first thought that comes into our head.

We can try to sound calm, and with all the effort we’ve put in, we may even look calm. We can adjust how we look on the outside, but we cannot control how we feel on the inside, and our energy, our vibe, speaks volumes about our intentions and state of mind. When we’re thrumming with energy, the other person can feel it.

Human beings have 5 basic senses, but when someone talks to us, it’s not just our eyes that can see them, or our ears that can hear them.

Our sense, our perception, are also receiving information when people talk to us. This is why we can always, always feel it when someone’ is dissatisfied with us, even when they try hard to conceal their frustration.

This is why the energy of which we carry into a conversation can be so different even when what we have to say remains exactly the same.

If we speak later, after giving it some time and space, we’d not just look calm, we would be calm, and the odds of the conversation going well, and not turning into a confrontation or an argument, would be much higher.

Don’t make promises when you’re happy, don’t reply when you’re angry and don’t make decisions when you’re sad. It is always when we do things full of emotions that we are always left with the hindsight of..“I shoudn’t have said that, or I shouldn’t have done that.”

We all know this, and now we just need to remember it, for the sake of our relationships and our sanity, to be happy, always!

Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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