These Are The Superheroes Who Died In 2017

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Superheroing is a tough business. One minute you're joking around, punching bad guys in the face, and the next you're pushing up fictional daisies. Fortunately, when you've got superpowers, there's a more than decent chance you'll be resurrected and given new life...usually because you're more valuable to your parent company alive than dead. Will any of these super-people come back to life in 2018 or beyond? Probably...but for now, let's pay our respects and mourn their super-passings. And of course...spoilers ahead...

Logan and Professor X | 0:27
Patriot | 1:31
Black Widow | 2:38
The Warriors Three | 3:50
Martin Stein | 4:21
Yondu Udonta | 5:03

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