Things 99% Of People CAN'T DO

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If you watched our last video on Amazing Things Most People Can’t Do With Their Body, then you saw how the majority of us can’t wiggle our ears or look at two different things at once. Well, we’re here to frustrate you again with 10 more strange, funny or just plain simple looking things that most of us can’t successfully do. We’ll start off with the plain and straightforward eyebrow lift. Dwayne the Rock Johnson can do it but most of us can’t. Then there’s a chair lifting trick that almost every guy can’t do – but the girls can! Ever watched a little kid hold their breath when throwing a tantrum? Let them – they’ll have to breathe sometime. Our brains are amazing and powerful, yet we’ll show you how we can only really do two things at once. You can breathe in and out while talking. But what about trying it while breathing in through your nose? When you were a baby you could fit your fist in your mouth. As an adult, it turns out only a few can do this trick. If you think you’re in good shape we’ve got a balancing exercise that we bet most of you can’t do properly. We all sneeze and we’ll show you that most people can’t keep their eyes open when performing this reflex action. Like Adam Sandler? This actor and comedian fits into this topic quite nicely and we’ll show you how. Finally, there are all sorts of tricks and moves only a select few can do with their hands and fingers. We have one that involves simply moving one finger and we bet you can’t do it.

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