Things Only 1% Of People Can Actually Do!

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ADD YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE (250 words): All over the world there are people who possess a range of special abilities. Maybe they are really smart? Maybe they are really fast? This got us here at TheRichest thinking. What are some amazing and interesting things that most people aren’t capable of doing with their bodies? Take a look and see if you stand out by being able to do any of these.

We’ll start off with the old standby that most of us try as early as grade school. Of course, we’re talking about the ability to roll your tongue. Speaking of really twisty things, there’s always that ability to flex or bend your arms and legs in all sorts of cringe-worthy directions. Ever tried tickling yourself? For the vast majority of people it’s not possible and we’ll explain why. Then there’s the ability of your brain to do two things at once. We’ll show you how it’s virtually impossible for most people to move two limbs in very opposite directions without causing some big-time confusion. On the topic of multiple directions, there’s always the ability to move your eyes in two opposite directions – like a chameleon. Ever been challenged to wiggle your ears? Only a handful of people can do this without moving their eyebrows and mouth. Then there’s gleeking. This strange word refers to the ability to shoot saliva out of a gland in your mouth. It’s possible, but only by a special few. Have you ever tried to move your toes independently from one another? Most people can’t do this and there’s a good reason why. Back to our eyes, there’s a handful of people out there who have a terrifying ability to make their eyeballs bulge from their head. It’s definitely freaky. Finally, if you’ve ever tried to suck in your gut, there’s a select few who can really get that tummy pulled in. In fact, when we say “in” we mean way, way in!

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