Things Passengers Should NEVER Do On A Plane

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FORBIDDEN Things To Do On An Airplane

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You might consider yourself an expert in air travel, but we bet that we can name a few things you are doing wrong that might put you in a dangerous or just plain disgusting situation. We all hate feeling dehydrated on a plane, but if you are reaching for a glass of tap water, or a cup of soda filled with ice, you could be exposing yourself to a serious amount of bacteria. There are also a few areas that you might not think would be chock full of germs, but you shouldn’t touch unless you happen to have some antibacterial wipes on hand. These include the tray table, seat pocket, and the plane wall near the window. We know the latter seems like the perfect place to rest your head, but that’s what all the people before you thought as well! In fact, since you are about six miles closer the the sun than normal, avoiding the window seat altogether might not be the worst idea in the world. You may wonder what the harm is in not putting your phone on airplane mode for the duration of the flight, but the resulting signal search can prove to be a serious distraction to your pilots. We feel like this one shouldn’t have to be said, but since it happens about once a week, we are going to go ahead and remind you not to open up the emergency exit door unless you have already landed and there is a real emergency. Yes, that means even if you really want to try sliding down the rubber emergency slide.

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