This Armorcoat Glass Coating Is Nearly Unbreakable

Solar Gard makes a protective film for glass called Armorcoat. We took a baseball bat to it to see how well it holds up. Following is a full transcript of the video.

This glass is made to be nearly unbreakable. Normal glass shatters pretty easily. Solar Gard applies an Armorcoat film to glass. This film prevents it from shattering into small pieces. It also makes it harder to break through. On the front side is a film that is 14 thousandths of an inch thick and 2 thousandths of an inch on the back.

Let’s count how many hits it takes.

The protective film isn't bulletproof, but it's designed to delay forced entry. Providing an extra 90 seconds to find safety. The film is installed on school windows around the US and several buildings in DC. US Capitol Building. Library of Congress. The J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building.

It can protect against flying debris during hurricanes. It's also used on cars to prevent "smash and grabs."

Maybe one day "fragile glass" won't exist.

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