This Backpack Turns Into A Skateboard

The Movpak is a skateboard hidden inside of a backpack. You can take it for your commute and then fold it away. It has a 14-mile battery range and has a built-in speaker and mic. You can ask it for directions, talk to Siri or jam out to your favorite playlist. The creators say it's easier to use than a traditional skateboard because it operates with a remote control. For balance, all you have to do is lean against the backpack. It also has a built-in USB port and tracker. Just want to use the backpack? Leave the wheels behind. There are a few drawbacks with this backpack. You'll have to check the weather before you head out because the skateboard can't handle heavy rain. On the bright side, the backpack is water repellant. If your battery dies you can't use it as a traditional skateboard, but 14 hours should be more than enough time for your commute. Would you buy one for $1,190?

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