This Company Wants To Create A Smart, Tiny Home

This is a 352-square foot smart home. It's called Kasita and it was built by the Austin-based startup of the same name. The company hopes to make housing more affordable and customizable. They call it the "iPhone for housing," and there's only enough room for the necessities. There are over 60 smart technologies built-in, like lights, built-in speakers, a thermostat, and more. You can control them by voice and the Kasita app. The house can adapt to your mood. If you tell Kasita to prepare for theater mode it will dim the lights and raise a hidden TV. The company claims a Kasita can be built in as little as one day. The Kasita house costs $139,000, but Kasitas can also be expanded ot used for other purposes. Would you live in this tech-filled tiny home?

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