This Device Instantly Calms Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

This device can instantly calm symptoms from Parkinson's disease.

It's on. How does it feel? Feels great.

It's called Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. A surgically implanted device delivers electrical stimulation to the brain.

It targets specific areas in the brain to help patients regain control of their bodies. Parkinson's patients can suffer from tremors and slowed body movement.

Although it's not a cure for Parkinson's, the therapy is designed to improve quality of life.

"It is truly remarkable to be able to literally 'flip a switch'..."

"Many patients are brought to tears when the device is turned on." - Dr. Gerald J. Calegan, neurologist and movement disorder specialist

Parkinson's disease is a neurological disorder that affects about 1.5 million Americans.*
*According to The NeuroMedical Center (2016)

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