This Guy Is Selling The Moon And Making Millions Of Dollars Out Of It

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Who owns the Moon? Well, this guy is selling the Moon and making MILLIONS of dollars with it. Now that you know, ever wonder why we haven't landed on the moon? Well he might be the reason. Being a good salesman or businessman requires skills that we don't all inherently have.

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Like every other skillset, when paired with an innovative idea, great success can be created. Have you ever heard people say: “it is when you are not looking for something that it comes to you?” This saying seems to apply to many facets of our lives. Entrepreneur Dennis Hope experienced it when he was in the midst of financial strain. He looked at the sky, and a few years later he was selling land on the Moon and other celestial bodies. He has since made many media headlines and is known as "The Man Who Owns The Moon." He made millions of dollars, which is what one could call a successful endeavor. Imagine if only one person owned the Earth. It doesn't sound fair, does it?


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