This Is How Donald J. Trump Spends His Billions

Donald Trump is so much more than just the President of the United States. We all knew who he was before he won the 2016 presidential election. You knew that he was rich and you definitely had heard his "You’re fired!" catchphrase before.

Just in case you didn't pay attention to the title of this video, Trump is a billionaire. In fact, in October 2018, Forbes estimated his net worth to be roughly $3.1 billion. That net worth made him the 259th richest person in America at the time! But do you know anything about how he amassed his wealth?

While Trump sometimes makes it sound like he's a self-made entrepreneur, he had a lot of help from his family. His father's company made him a millionaire by the time he was just eight years old. It's not every day that an eight-year-old has $1 million in the bank! But Trump's wealth goes back further than his father. The American dream life that he's living today is all thanks to his grandfather, who immigrated to New York City with no money in his pocket at the age of sixteen. In just three generations, the Trump name became known in households all over. And whether that's due to Donald's stint as a host on "The Apprentice" or to the Trump-branded buildings found all over the world, you can't deny that he's a good businessman. That's why a lot of people voted for him for President.

However, even though he's highly successful, that doesn't mean that he didn't have any setbacks on his way up the financial ladder. But now that he's a billionaire baller, Trump can spend his money in any which way he pleases. Check out this video to see how much Trump spent on golf carts in the year 2017. Spoiler alert: it was way more than what you probably make in a year!

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