This Is How Pablo Escobar Spent His Billions

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Pablo Escobar was one of the biggest kingpins in modern history. He had so much money from earning up to $22 Billion per year, that he spent that money in the most creative ways possible.He built one of the most notorious empires and no once could stand in his way.

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Pablo Escobar is the epitome of evil, but, unfortunately, the worst of the worst ends up bringing in the big bucks sometimes. At the height of his cartel’s power, they were bringing in upwards of $22 billion per year. But no one thrived from that haul more than the kingpin himself. When faced with some of the biggest stacks in modern history, Pablo had to get creative in how to spend his cash. From the fastest cars to the biggest houses to even bringing exotic animals into Colombia, Escobar spent his billions in some surprising ways.

So make sure to stick around to the end of the video to hear about all the ways that Pablo Escobar burned through (literally, at times) his massive amounts of cash.

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