This Is The Story Of Alaska Natives' Fight For Their Land [Our Fight To Survive, Pt. 1] | AJ+

Alaska's indigenous people have fought against colonization, assimilation and exploitation — this is their story. Watch more from AJ+'s Untold America:

When the United States bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867, Alaska's indigenous people had already been living there for thousands of years. Alaska Natives have had to fight to keep their land, from the point of contact to present day.

Resources: “Fifty Miles from Tomorrow: A Memoir of Alaska and the Real People” by William L. Iggiagruk Hensley
“Village Journey: The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission” by Thomas R. Berger

Music tracks courtesy of APM and Audio Networks.
Footage and images courtesy of Getty, AP, AFP and Reuters.
Archival courtesy of Library of Congress, Prelinger, Alaska Film Archives – University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Alaska State Library.
Alaska State Library photo credit: P33-05 Alaska State Library Alaska Native Organizations Photo Collection.

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