This Is What Aliens From Other Planets Would Look Like

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If it's so easy to believe that humans evolved from single-celled organisms that lived on Earth millions of years ago, why is it so hard for people to believe in aliens? Our galaxy is so big and so full of planets that it seems unlikely for Earth to be the only planet that's teeming with life. Plus, the Milky Way is just one galaxy out of billions of galaxies. But if aliens are out there, then where are they? That's the simple question that prompted the Fermi Paradox, which we'll talk about more in the video. The bigger question here is: if aliens are really out there, what do they look like? Pop culture has given us many different forms of aliens over the year: from the friendly E.T. variety to the cone-headed variety to the type of alien that gave us nightmares for weeks. We humans have gotten pretty creative with what we think our extraterrestrial counterparts look like. So, have we been right all these years, or have we just been letting our imaginations go wild? While the idea of what aliens look like is all speculation, there are some experts out there who have dedicated entire research papers and documentaries to decoding the alien physique. While some believe that aliens are probably nothing more than bacteria on other planets, there's a group of University of Oxford scientists who believe that aliens are more like humans than we think. Since natural selection sets life apart from non-life, we can assume that living beings on other planets have probably followed a similar evolutionary trajectory to humans. Except maybe they have three arms instead of just two. Or maybe their skin tone varies from pink to blue. If aliens are truly the advanced beings that we believe them to be, they must be having a blast laughing at our interpretations of them.

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