This Is What Humans Will Look Like In 1000 Years

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So, what will the human race look like in 1000 or 10,000 years? In the future? Well, humans are known to know how to adapt in order to survive. Yet, the future is full of unknowns and anything can happen. So, join TheRichest as we explore what humans will look like in the years ahead.

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And it’s not just physical changes through natural evolution, although that’s on the table. The biggest updates to our minds and bodies will likely come from technology. There will be hearing aids that can improve our ability to comprehend sounds far and wide. Eye implants will give the blind the ability to see, and those who already have the gift of sight will be able to focus their vision on far-off objects and see objects using energy across the light spectrum.

Prosthetics will be improved, granting wearers improved speed and strength. Our height will grow exponentially and many diseases will cease to be. Technological advances will upgrade the way we live at a genetic level, delivering microscopic fixes to the problems that have plagued us since our ancestors’ times.

Even if the confines of our planet and the limits our consciousness keep us from fully exploring our potential just yet, we’ll learn how far the human body could go in adapting to environmental changes once we start moving to other planets. Interstellar travel promises to literally and metaphorically take us as far as we can possibly go.

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