This Is Why Video Games Are So Expensive

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Why are video games so expensive? Why are they getting so bad? The gaming industry has been changing a lot over the past years and so has the price of the games we play. From 25$ for the original Super Mario Bros, to around $99 for the newest games of 2019. Is it worth it?

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Why though, do we have to spend so much on them? How come we can download Bloons Tower Defence 2 for free on our phones, but we have to shell out 60 buckaroonies for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on store shelves?

Well, it's because of everything that goes on behind the scenes. It’s not as cheap as you think to design a game, nor is it cheap to market it to the public. Who’s gonna pay the voice actors? What about the original music score? Anyway, there’s a hell of a lot more to the story than just that.

Put down your controllers and let’s find out why our favourite titles are so damn expensive.

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