This lion defied the laws of nature—and became an icon | L.A.‘s Lion King || Wild Lives Ep. 1

LION. KING. How a 19 year old lion fathered 35 cubs… in a year and a half. This is the wild story of a lion named Frasier—Frasier the Sensuous Lion—who became a science wonder the world over in 1972. After all, how many lions have movies and songs made about them because of never before seen animal behavior?

You see, Frasier defied what was previously known about lion breeding habits—any animal’s really. Did you say 35 cubs? In just 18 months? And, wait, how old?

Also, in this video: learn a math equation about how just one lion can take over Los Angeles and find out how zoos manage breeding programs today with their menagerie of creatures great and small.

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Popular Science’s WILD LIVES is a monthly series that dives like an Emperor penguin into some of the wildest stories and weirdest facts about, of course, wild animals (sometimes botanical wonders, too!). In their own words. Well, approximately their own words—they are wild animals after all.

Video by: Tom McNamara
Animation: Beth Wexler
Narrator: Dave Pettitt
Group Digital Director: Amy Schellenbaum
Editor-in-Chief: Corinne Iozzio

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