Title I May Work Here, But I’m Human Too - Happiness Vlog

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It's not about being nice, it's about being considerate. Watch this! XO

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A person is not a transaction, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that.

When we go to the bank, it’s a transaction. But the person we’re talking to, that’s not a transaction, that’s a human connection.

When we pay for our lunch, it’s a transaction. But the person we’re paying, that’s not a transaction, that’s a human connection.

Often, we’re so focused on getting what we need, or we’re so distracted by our thoughts, that we don’t actually see the people serving us.

How many times have we walked out of a restaurant oblivious of the waitstaff saying goodbye?

Or talk to someone like they’re purely there to perform a function?

It’s not that we’re not nice. In fact, most of us are very nice and kind to the people we know and like. And when we’re in a transaction with someone, we’re usually quite polite, or at the very least, not rude at all.

However, many of us are very good at acknowledging and appreciating someone’s function, but there’s often very little acknowledgement and appreciation of the person behind the function.

This is why many of us think we’re nice, but we’re not actually aware of how inconsiderate we can be to another human being.

In an interview with TIME magazine, an air attendant said that the worst part of her job isn’t cleaning up vomit or dealing with an angry passenger yelling in her face. The worst part of her job is when she is standing at the aircraft door greeting people and getting ignored.

She said, “To have someone clearly see me and ignore my “hello” and walk on is the most dehumanising experience”.

In life, it’s less about being a nice person, and more about be a person who values the human connection. It simply means being aware that even though people are meant to serve you as part of their job, you recognise that you are are both equals in your humanity, neither one better or lesser.

When we make a conscious effort to interact with people as human beings and not as transactions, we’ll find ourselves automatically making more eye contact and being more aware of the people around us. We’ll find ourselves smiling genuinely at someone serving us, instead of smiling perfunctorily.

This helps us be more present and more connected to our own humanity, instead of being lost in our bubble most of the time.

The reward of even a simple human connection is vast. What goes around, always comes around. Our experiences with people become more and more positivity, and that’s a great way to be happy, always!

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