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You're not a bad person if you recognise that your family can be toxic. Watch this XO

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Toxic family relationships.

You’re supposed to love your family, and maybe you do, desperately. But sometimes, it’s okay to recognise that your family may not be all that healthy for you.

It’s okay to have this realisation and to acknowledge it, without feeling this gnawing guilt that you’re a bad person for feeling this way.

Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins - they’re all human, blood relations or not. And being human means that you don’t necessarily become wiser just because you’re older.

Parents always try their best with their children, it’s just that for some parents, their best is limited by their own insecurities, ego, guilt and the inability to be happy with life.

When we’re kids, we think the world of our parents and family members. If they’re upset and scream and ignore and punish, we think it’s normal. We can really believe that it’s because we’re so bad that they’re so angry and unhappy.

But that is not true. No kid can ever ‘make’ an adult, especially a parent, behave in ways that they don’t want to.

If your parent doesn’t give you the love or attention you need, it’s not because you are unlovable or that there’s something wrong with you, it’s because they don’t have the capacity to give something they don’t know or don’t have.

As adults, it’s easier to see and to be aware of the negative ways our family has impacted us. This awareness can lead us to react in one of two ways - to blame them and feel scarred and resentful, or to understand, forgive and let go of anger or guilt.

We can always choose to associate less with toxic family members without carrying this anger or resentment or guilt, because we feel blessed that we are able to choose to life in the way that we think is healthy.

Our family isn’t by choice, but the way we live our life is. No matter how angry, unwise or toxic your family is, know that you don’t have to be that way, and choose to instead, be happy, always.


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