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Trump pushed these extremely dangerous lies about abortion and reproductive rights at the #SOTU. Here’s the truth.
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One of Trump’s biggest lies of the State of the Union was on abortion.

Trump: Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb moments before birth.

Wrong. NY’s new reproductive health law doesn’t allow abortions moments before birth.

The law removes abortion from New York’s criminal code and guarantees a person’s right to abortion in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. After 24 weeks, abortion is only permitted if a person’s life or health is at risk or if the fetus is not viable.

1% of all abortions occur in the third trimester almost exclusively because the pregnant person’s health or life is seriously at risk is seriously at risk or the pregnancy is no longer viable.

Trump: And then, we had the case of the Governor of Virginia where he basically stated he would execute a baby after birth.

Legislation in Virginia’s state leg wouldn’t execute a baby after birth. Currently, a person needs three doctors to request a third trimester abortion. New legislation would reduce that number of doctors down to one and remove mandatory waiting periods and ultrasounds.

State Rep. Kathy Tran (D-VA): What I have done is try to make sure that women are able to make these decisions and access these services in a timely manner. ... I’ve heard from many women in my district and across Virginia who support my efforts to make sure politicians don’t get between a woman and her health care decisions.

Leana Wen, M.D., President of Planned Parenthood: I just came back from President Trump’s State of the Union and I am extremely angry. As a doctor, I know that what he is trying to do is to cut access to health care for women by using lies. Abortion is safe, legal medical procedure that one in four women will have in their lifetimes. It is part of the full spectrum of reproductive health care which is health care.

67% of Americans think abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

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