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10 UFC Giants That Will CRUSH YOU!

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The UFC is loaded with all sizes and shapes of fighters. Of course, the ones that really draw a crowd on fight night are the big guns. These are fighters who are really tall, really heavy – or both. If you follow the sport then you know exactly what we’re talking about and will likely recognize these 10 giants of the octagon. Now retired, there’s Brad Imes who was best known as The Hillbilly Heartthrob. From Russia with love, we’ll tell you about the rather tall Alexander Volkov who is scheduled to fight another big opponent later this year. American Sean McCorkle was around the UFC for a decade and left his mark thanks to his height and solid frame. No list would be complete without including Teila Tuli. He fought in the debut UFC competition and had people take notice thanks to his massive size. Tim Sylvia was a force to be reckoned with in the octagon. A super heavyweight fighter, Sylvia’s sheer size made people take notice. Paul Varelans was nicknamed “The Polar Bear,” not an animal known for its small size and friendly demeanour. One look at Gan McGee and you could tell he wasn’t to be messed with. At 6’ 10”, Gan was a wrecking ball who left more than a few fighters bruised and beaten. He only fought in a couple UFC bouts, but Semmy Schilt had all his opponents looking up whenever he entered the octagon. Nicknamed ‘Skyscraper,’ Stefan Struve is currently the tallest UFC fighter and set for an epic battle of the giants when he squares off against Alexander Volkov later this year. Finally, the giant of giants is surely Emanuel Yarbrough. His MMA career was short and he never won a UFC match, but there is no disputing this ex-sumo wrestler was in a weight class of his own.

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