Understanding Family Hurt - Happiness Vlog

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When you feel hurt by family, I hope this helps XO

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Family members are amazing, and often, it’s the people you love the most, who can also hurt you the most.

Growing up, we might have grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins we are closed to, or consider tight-knit. We usually interact with them in the capacity of people we consider “safe”, where we are sure of their support and love.

Yet, our interaction with our family members are usually also one-dimensional — we regularly interact with them in the same manner or the same environment, and we form an idea of who this particular person is.

For example, you could have an uncle who’s funny, or an aunt who’s kind, or a cousin who’s smart. And often, because these family members are the ones we admire, respect and genuinely like, we place them on a pedestal.

This is why we can feel so incredibly hurt when someone from our family does something we think is not in-line with our idea of who they are. Maybe they’ve said or done something that takes you aback, because you expected better of them.

In times like these, it’s important for us to remember that the people we admire and respect so much are also human. They are not one-dimensional - the uncle who’s funny can also have a mean temper when upset. The aunt who’s kind can be judgemental, the cousin who’s smart may surprise you with his lack of wisdom.

Just because we respect and love someone, it doesn’t make the person infallible to the mistakes and foolishness that is part of being human.

If we can recognise this, then perhaps we won’t be our hurt or disappointed by our family, instead, we can understand that their actions are not due to the fact that they don’t love or don’t support us, but due to the fact that they’re human, just like all of us.

When we take people off the pedestal we put them on, it helps us approach them with more patience and understanding. It makes it easier for us, to be happy, always.

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