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It's hard to fill a cup that's already full. here's why we have to unlearn before we can relearn. X

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Who are you today? And who will you be tomorrow?

Who we are today is a culmination of every single moment we’ve experienced, heard, saw and learned.

We’re a cup that’s filled to the brim, so in order to acquire any new information or knowledge, there needs to be a process of emptying a bit of that cup before we can fill it up with anything new.

We need to unlearn a great many things, before we can learn new things.

Sometimes, we don’t even realise that we’re going about our routine shrouded in a haze, where we’re purely depending on our habits to do things.

For example, just because we’ve always been self-conscious to raise our hand in school, as an adult we exhibit the very same behaviour even though there’s no teacher around to scold us or classmates to laugh at us.

Just because we saw your parents ignore each other after an argument, as an adult we automatically give our partner the silent treatment when we’re upset.

Sometimes, we do things not because WE want to, but because it’s a habit ingrained in us that we’re not even conscious of.

All of us have this incredible power to shape the kind of person we want to be, to change aspects of ourselves to enrich our lives. But to do that, we need to first be aware of our habits, the way we think, and what we're afraid of.

That's always hard to do because it requires a scary kind of honesty that has us looking repeatedly at ourselves and our weaknesses - it can potentially make us more paranoid and less confident.

But when we actually do it, we’ll realise that self-reflection is empowering, because it means we’re no longer walking around and doing things in a haze.

It means we’re aware of what we want to unlearn, and to examine what new skills and actions we want to adopt, for us to get from where we are right now, to where we want to be. There’s a saying, “What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” So keep emptying that cup so that it can be filled again, and again, and be happy, always.


Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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