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With the FARC set to fully disarm soon and turn a new leaf in Colombian politics, some worry that the void left by the guerrilla fighters will simply be filled by paramilitary groups instead.

For former Colombian vice president Francisco Santos, the problem could stem from disaffected FARC members and the drug trade.

"You are seeing an integration of drug trafficking, and you are seeing these illegal groups," says Santos. "They are going to grow with dissidents from the FARC and getting involved in the business. So, if the government doesn’t have a tough hand against them, we are going to see a big problem in the near future.

"Part of what the new government has to do is re-order all the security apparatus and establish territorial control."

In this web extra, Francisco Santos discusses the void left by the FARC and the possible rise of dangerous paramilitary groups.

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Al Jazeera, Colombia
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