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Colombians narrowly voted against a peace deal with the FARC that would end 50 years of war in 2016.

Despite the defeat, Colombia's congress, controlled by President Juan Manuel Santos' governing coalition, passed a revised peace agreement that would see FARC members disarm and enter politics.

For Francisco Santos, a former vice president that served under President Alvaro Uribe, the agreement is an injustice.

"We don't oppose the peace negotiation or the peace deal. We opposed the conditions under which peace was framed," says Santos. "We represent a large section of Colombian society that thinks that criminals of crimes against humanity should go to jail for a little time."

When asked about reports of mass extrajudicial killings by the military while he was vice president, Santos says, "when we found out that that was happening, we put a stop to it."

In this special interview, Francisco Santos condemns the peace agreement with the FARC and defends against reports of "systematic" killings under his watch.

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