Upworthy Voices: Sidewalk Talk helps strangers with their mental health

San Francisco psychotherapist Traci Ruble decided to be the change, because if we were just a little kinder, maybe people could get support with their mental health.

In 50 cities across the world "sidewalk talks" aim to counter loneliness and disconnection. Can a practice of deep listening in public spaces heal wounds of unhealthy individualism and disconnection? Traci says it can.

This is the mission of her community listening project "Sidewalk Talk" which engages more than 1,000 trained volunteers in 50 cities across 12 countries. Every week they sit on sidewalks and offer "free listening" to anyone, about anything. They're changing the world one heart-centered conversation at the time.

Sidewalk Talk is now a volunteer-led global movement and non-profit - and it's encouraging deep listening around the world.

Learn more, get involved, or start your own chapter: https://www.sidewalk-talk.org

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