US and South Korea launch 8 missiles in response to North Korea’s latest missile firings

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The United States and South Korea fired 8 surface-to-surface missiles early on June 6, 2022, a day after South Korea and the US ended joint military drills. The launches off South Korea’s east coast were in response to North Korea launching a barrage of short-range ballistic missiles on June 5. The South Korean military called the action a demonstration of “the capability and readiness to carry out precision strikes” against the source of North Korea’s missile launches. North Korea also fired three missiles on May 25, the day after US President Joe Biden ended a trip to Asia in which he had agreed to new measures to deter North Korea’s intensifying weapons tests. On May 25, the US and South Korea also responded with joint live-fire drills.

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US, South Korea launch eight missiles in response to North Korea missile firings

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