Video Game Characters That Are Actually REAL PEOPLE!

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Ordinary People REIMAGINED As Video Game Characters

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The video game industry is big business. After all, over the last few decades games have become more detailed, storylines more developed and price tags much, much bigger. With billions of dollars at stake, it’s no surprise some developers spend a lot of time working on their products while others just keep mass-producing the same thing – *cough* EA *cough*. One aspect of development that gets us hooked involves building a character. Ahead we’ll show you what exactly inspired the development of 10 popular video game characters.

Over in the Halo Universe we’ll meet up with Master Chief who shares some similarities with a certain gruff movie cop and spaghetti-western star. Incredibly, Mario, the icon of the Nintendo company, is based in no way on a plumber. We all know Lara Croft from the movies and games, but did you know she’s actually created from a few different real and fictional characters? Now, you’ll probably take a look at Sonic the Hedgehog and think that no real life person could inspire that. Shockingly, he is based on reality. Over in Street Fighter territory we’ll tell you about the interesting origins of Balrog. Let’s keep it fight related and swap out Street Fighter for Mortal Kombat. That’s where Liu Kang comes in and we’re pretty sure he looks pretty similar to a famous martial artist. There’s no doubting Grand Theft Auto V has been a smash hit. One of its characters, Michael De Santa has his foundations in a few real and fictional characters. If you’ve been into the world of Zelda at all over the past 30 years then you’ll want to know exactly where the character of Zelda came from. Central to the God of War series, Kratos took a lot of inspiration from a Hollywood star – and we’ll tell you who. Finally, we’ll head back into Los Santos one last time and meet up with Trevor Philips. Likeable and unpredictable at the same time, Trevor found his inspiration in the British prison system. Yikes.

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