Viral videos, nationwide protests: Putin’s Navalny problem | The Listening Post

We examine the story of jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny and a form of journalism that has ignited political protests across Russia.


Catherine Belton - Special correspondent, Reuters; Author, Putin's People

Ilya Lozovsky - Staff writer and editor, OCCRP

Olga Irisova - Editor-in-chief, Riddle

Dmitry Babich - Political analyst; Editor, InoSMI Internet Project

On our radar

Australian lawmakers want tech companies like Google and Facebook to pay news outlets for their content. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Tariq Nafi to find out why.

Just a game? The US military-gaming complex

War is not a game - or is it? We look at how the video games industry is proving a useful ally for the US military.


Nick Robinson - Associate professor of politics and international studies, University of Leeds

Matthew Gault - Video game reporter, VICE

Rami Ismail - Video game developer; Executive director, GameDev.World

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