Wajiha Jendoubi: "Theatre is my weapon" - My Tunisia (Featured Documentary)

Wajiha Jendoubi is an actress and one of Tunisia's best-known comedians.

To be a woman comedian in this North African nation can be a challenge, but the country's gender gap is widening for the first time in almost a decade and Wajiha sees Tunisia as a country that stands for women's rights and supports it.

"My Tunisia is the free woman. My Tunisia is the woman who speaks out. My Tunisia is the woman who is active; the militant one, the hard-working one. My Tunisia is my world," says the popular comedian that is on a mission to make Tunisians laugh about the tough things in life.

"My artistic choices are always about painful subjects. I like to talk about what people are afraid to confront or even don't know how to express. But I always like to say it in a comic way because humour easily reaches the audience."

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