We Met the President!

After getting our feet wet in Tashkent and Khiva, we finally started our journey on the historical Silkroad of Uzbekistan. Follow along with us as we explore the ancient cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, get involved with some of the nightlife festivities, and even put on our dancing shoes.

We took trains, buses, and taxis, and at one point had a proper police escort to the massive cultural music festival known as Sharq Taronalari. A festival that only happens once every few years, we were very lucky to be in the right place at the right time to experience it. But it wasn't only us... the president of Uzbekistan showed up to see it, and put aside a little bit of time to meet our group and take a selfie (apparently it was his first selfie... but I don't know about that.)

Of all the breathtaking views we've seen in the world, very few compared to the sunrise climb to the top of the minaret (basically a lighthouse) in Bukhara. Uncertain whether or not this is something they still let people do, but holy crap what it ever something! (3:05, just saying).

This was the last leg of our Uzbekistan journey. With the last 24 hours upon us, we made sure to hit the markets and see what kind of sweet goodies and trinkets we could find to bring home with us. Clothing, teapots, swords... it was very Aladdin-esque!

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Narrated by Parker Heuser
Filmed on location by:
Ben Czegeny, Kenzo Kiren, Justis Cooper and Parker Heuser
Edited by Tom Belding
Produced by: Ben Czegeny


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