We Now Understand Why These TV Shows Are Ending This Year

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Why shut down a well-liked series? Because actors leave, creators finish telling their stories, or a network is ready to move on. Here's a look at all the TV shows that will have told the stories they needed to tell by the end of 2019. But be warned: Spoilers ahead!

Legion simply isn't the kind of show that can go on and on forever. For one thing, the possibly real, possibly not-real adventures of Dan Stevens' character David Haller are just so wildly out there, there's no way creator Noah Hawley and his writing staff could've kept up the pace indefinitely.

After all, the story involves a man who spends much of his time in a mental institution and doesn't quite have a firm grip on reality…or his burgeoning superpowers.

It's up to the writers to advance the story to a certain place, especially since Legion relates to the world of the X-Men: David is evidently the mutant son of the famed Professor X.

FX announced that the twisty, turny, highly-engrossing sci-fi hit will conclude with its upcoming third season, which began airing on June 24th. Fortunately, it sounds like this is all in accord with Hawley's master plan: He evidently wanted the series to only run for three seasons. Speaking at a Television Critics Association event in February 2019, he said:

"I think endings are what give stories meaning. I always thought about this as a complete story, and it felt like three acts of a story."

Watch the video for more about why these TV shows got cancelled this year?

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