Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Ancient Egypt

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When it comes to ancient civilizations we love to explore, ancient Egypt is definitely one of the favorites. After all, you’ve got the pyramids, the Sphinx and all the Pharaohs. Researchers and archeologists are uncovering new facts about this ancient world all the time and we’re here to share 10 of them with you. From medicine to building to daily life, there’s a lot many of us don’t know or have incorrect assumptions about when it comes this part of human history. Let’s start fixing that today. We’ll begin with those famous pyramids and the real story about how they were built. From there, we’ll move to the Sphinx and go over all the reasons why it’s been having issues with its nose. They may have been ancient, but it turns out those Egyptians were advanced in many respects when it came to medicine. We all know the ancient Egyptians wore makeup but it turns out there were practical reasons and harmful effects in doing so. Sticking with fashion, we’ll look at footwear and show you how high-heels have their home in this North African country. Flies are just as annoying today as they were in ancient times. Without fly strips the Egyptians used some rather interesting ways to solve the problem. Up for a board game? Apparently, so were the people of Egypt. Today equality among men and women remains a big issue. Surprisingly, in ancient Egypt, aspects of this relationship were actually more favorable for women. Ever wonder where toothbrushes and toothpaste originated? Yup, it was ancient Egypt and we’ll tell you all about it. Finally, no video on this matter would be complete without a mention of Cleopatra. It turns out she was a lot different than Hollywood would have us believe.

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