What does the shock Republican defeat in Alabama mean? - The Stream

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1. Upset in Alabama
Democrats are saying that their shock US Senate victory in Alabama could lead to a sweeping comeback for the party in 2018 elections, while Republicans assess the fallout of defeat in one of the country’s most conservative states. But is this a sign of sentiment shifting against President Donald Trump? Or was Republican candidate Roy Moore undone by accusations of child sex abuse and racist comments? We try to answer those questions.

2. Grenfell, 6 months on

Six months ago, when a fire ravaged a public housing tower block in London, killing 71 people and leaving scores homeless, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that every resident would be found a home within three weeks. So why are 118 families still living in temporary accommodation? We speak to a local activist.

3. Journalists jailed

A record number of journalists are now behind bars, according to a Committee to Protect Journalists report. Turkey, China and Egypt are the main offenders, and CPJ says US President Donald Trump's "fake news" rhetoric is partly to blame. The Stream is joined by one of the report authors to discuss this worrying trend.

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