What Every Parent Should Tell Their Millennial Kids - Happiness Vlog

If Millennials are entitled... is it a result of their upbringing? Watch this! X

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Your boss don’t approve your leave for next week?! What kind of stupid company is that?

what? they want you to work chrisms & new years? they’re taking advantage of you!

The cafe wants you to clean toilets? Wah how can? You’re a part-time waitress ok, not a maid!

You’re a graduate from a prestigious university, that pay is an insult! Don’t take the job, I’ll give you an allowance.

There has been much complaints about millennials being entitled, and the irony is that the employers who complain about young people … are the very same ones raising these young people at home. Many millennials are exhibiting the same behaviour they are encouraged to have from their upbringing.

Most parents always want a better life for their kids. Some can discourage their kids to work hard. They’re afraid that you’ll be tired or fall sick. Some parents want an easy life for their kids.

But the thing is, in reality, parents can’t give their children a good life, they can only give them a good start in life. When kids become adults, only they can create a good life for themselves.

This distinction is important, because when it comes to our upbringing, love isn’t enough.

Our parents can love us deeply, but they are only helping us if they teach us with the right mindset and skill-sets to create our own fulfilment.

Many millennials struggle when they enter the workplace. They are extremely enthusiastic and hardworking, but their mindset and attitude work against them.

They feel incredibly frustrated that they’re not getting promoted even when they’re working hard. They feel like they’re not learning anything new and they’re bored with the routine of doing the same thing over and over again.

When they get home, they might not have parents who give them advice like, “Every job becomes routine after a while. It’s up to you to not see it as routine, but to ask yourself what areas you can improve on, and if you want to learn, take the initiative to ask to do more and make it exciting for yourself.”

They might not have parents who tell them that, “You may be working hard, but so is everyone else. So if you think you deserve a promotion, you have to show your boss by standing out.”

When someone new comes in and that person is gung-ho and cheerful and hardworking, that person gets promoted. And when millennials go home and complain to their parents, their parents get enraged, agree that it’s unfair and tell them to quit, instead of asking their children to reflect on WHY they were passed over for a promotion.

So these same millennials go to work feeling even more unhappy. They feel so demotivated they’ll put in even less effort at work, and they don’t see that they’re making ourselves even more mediocre and less promotable. And this pattern will repeat itself at every place they work at. This is one of the main reason why so millennials will continue to feel unfulfilled.

At times like these, parents can really help their children by giving them the advice that instead of doing less, they should step up to perform even better at work.

Advice that empowers them, like “If you think you deserve something, prove it. Good work cannot be denied. And remember that you’re not doing it for the company, you’re doing it for yourself. Integrity and responsibility are traits that nobody can take away from you.

That’s how you get what you want - By stepping up, by taking responsibility for your life and your happiness.”

If we want the younger generation to be more dynamic, then it has to start at home. With guidance and mentoring from parents, kids will grow up to be adults who know how to create joy in every aspect of their lives, to truly be happy, always.

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