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How do we live life now, so that we won't have regrets later? Watch this X

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We always want to stay true to who we are, to be as authentic and as real as we can be.

That’s one of the best ways to live life, but here’s where it’s great to be aware of one thing - are we living life authentically, or are we living life excusing ourselves from having to make effort to be better?

On some level, we all think we’re making effort. The question is, if we were truly, and a 100% honest, with our defences gone and pride aside, how patient, kind, considerate, and respectful would we rate ourselves to be? (last 2)

On a scale of 1 - 10, where are we? And where do we hope to be?

This question is simply but interesting - if we’ve rated ourselves highly, does that mean we think we’re pretty perfect and we’ve no room for improvements?

If there is room for improvements, well what are we doing to close the gap?

There are always the areas of our life in which we need to put work into. This is important because it means we are no longer cruising through life thinking we’re ‘real and authentic’, but striving to become the person we hope to be, and that’s the most authentic we can be.

Most of us know we want to improve, and we try hard to overcome our own insecurities and challenges. But at the same time, our defenses and sensitivities, and our lack of discipline and motivation, help us make excuses for ourselves, to the point where we can become oblivious to how we actually want to live our life.

This is why people have regrets when they get older, because suddenly we’ve run out of time to be the person we’ve always known we could be, but never was.

We always seem to think that regrets are related to love or career, but it’s always down to how we think we’ve lived as a person, whether we’ve acknowledged all the gaps we knew were there, and if we’ve progressed because we’ve worked on closing those gaps. That’s living an authentic life, that’s how to have no regrets and live to be happy, always.

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