What Is Happiness To You? - Happiness Vlog

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How you define happiness will determine how happy you can be. Watch this! XO

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Part of the problem with happiness, is how we define it.

Happiness is just a word, but what is happiness to you? Is it a feeling? Is happiness when everything is going well in your life? Is it when you’re successful? Is happiness when you’re in love?

What is happiness, to you?

Everybody defines happiness differently. We cannot force people to adopt a definition of happiness that we believe in.

What we can do, for ourselves, is to embrace a definition of happiness that brings real joy, real meaning and a real sense of peace into our lives.

It feels amazing when there is comfort and ease in our lives. But is that happiness? Because what happens when life is uncomfortable and difficult?

If we define happiness as when everything is going right, then by default we will be unhappy when things go wrong.

This is why we often chase happiness, because the less we have of it, the more urgency we feel in searching for it.

We search for happiness in things that can give us pleasure, we search for happiness in people who can give us comfort, yet we can end up feeling even more lost, depressed and lonely.

Our lives can get better on the surface, but inside, we feel aimless and lost.

When we look deep within ourselves, we’ll each find that our happiness comes not from what happens. No… we’ll find that our happiness comes from the story we tell ourselves about what happens.

The differences in how happy we all are have nothing to do with what happens in each of our lives, the differences in each of our happiness has everything to do with how we process every single thing that happens.

It’s like how the hardware of a machine can be state-of-the-art or it can be archaic , but it’s the software that determines how valuable a machine is.

Likewise, what happens in our lives can be good or it can be bad, but it’s how we choose to process what is happening that can give us a sense of peace.

Happiness is just a word, it’s up to us how we define it. When we’re feeling down, sad or depressed, our lives are not any less valuable. When we define happiness as more than just when things are good, that’s when no matter what happens, it is absolutely possible, to be happy, always.

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