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We all want to love and to love, but love is the one thing that can bring the most misery and unhappiness.

It's ironic how we human beings feel so empty and lost without love, yet we can also feel so upset and tortured by it.

Perhaps the problem is how readily we accept the suffering that love brings. When someone treats us badly, or wants to keep the relationship secret, or loses their temper easily, we accept it as part of the suffering that we have to go through for love.

Hurt and pain is part of life, but it isn't normal when it is hurt and pain that is constantly inflicted by someone who says they love you.

Anyone can love greatly and passionately, but not everyone can love genuinely. A genuine love is where you allow your love to drive your actions, instead of letting your emotional state dictate what you do.

Love is kind, even when there is anger or frustration, love is still kind. And kindness doesn't hurt, it doesn't intentionally cause pain. Love is not how huge our regret is, love is not how we vow to be better the next time. Love is being able to consider another human being, and not just our own desires and emotions.

Love is hard, because it goes beyond feelings, it goes beyond what we feel at that moment. Love isn't without mistakes, but it is without the intention to make someone feel bad. Love is not controlling, it inspires change through acceptance.

People say that love makes us put someone else before us, but that is not true. We are only able to love someone genuinely when we can fully accept and love ourselves, because that is when we are not in a relationship to take, we are in a relationship to give.

When we love someone; we don't love them for what they can give us, but for what we can give them. We're human, and we'll have expectations, but true, genuine love is one that chooses to bring joy, and not suffering, to the people we love because we would want them to be happy, always.

Xandria Ooi, Inspiring
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